Comment on Claire Austin’s article in The Victory Press (link below)

Thank you for the thoughtful intelligent balanced and well-written article. More men need to speak up in support of our women colleagues working so hard in the face of such ridiculous adversity and it goes without saying more men need to speak out when these tragic issues of sexual assault arise. I too “intensely dislike” the mixed messages and just-plain-wrong messages the NHL sends to women, to young women, to the planet. It’s mind-boggling.

Most of the fans I speak with about these issues, even “seemingly” innocuous issues like the “ice girls,” roll their eyes. Not one of them agree with it or like it, but no one seems to know what to do about it other than I suppose write a letter to the admin in protest. Probably a formal group should be founded to put public pressure on the NHL and the team administrators, but I am ignorant of protocols and legal considerations.

I do hope that most male fans agree with you and that it’s only these incredibly rude obtuse devolved humans that curse and swear and insult and troll. But I don’t know that either. In any event thank you for the article and I will speak out and try to keep myself informed.

Claire Austin The Victory Press


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